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    モーグル / football '60s & '70s / Music / Design / 雑貨 / Cafe
    管理栄養士、調理師免許をとったのに 現在オフィスレディーを満喫中… 目指すトコはわかんないけど 毎日笑って過ごせればそれで幸せ My Porcelain Lace Cup, Translucent Candle Holder@ ヴェルサイユ宮殿 The Palace of Versailles Château de Versailles (Paris, France) ■Profile Hidemi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan where she earned her degree as a fashion designer. She was Entertainer, Singer, Model, MC in Japan. Her move to New York City expanded her creative interests in to a new field, pottery. Hidemi sees beauty and joy in just about everything and wants to express it through her ceramics. As she creates from within, she hopes that people will react to her work as if it were a beautiful flower. She would like her ceramics to bring to others: Love & Peace, Happiness, Laughter, Health, Dreams, Sympathy, compassion and Relax for life. ■Awards 2004 Union Square Ceramic Center Ceramics Contest 1st PRIZE 2005 Forma Studio Gallery Ceramic Competition 2nd PRIZE 2006 NICHE Awards Finalist 2006 Tokyo New York Ceramics Contest Finalist 2006 WEB Ceramics Contest 3rd PRIZE 2008 Tokyo-New York Friendship Ceramic Competition Finalist 2010 The 12th Annual Tokyo-New York Friendship Ceramic Competition Finalist 2012 Contemporary Japanese Tea Ceremony Awards Finalist ■ Exhibitions 2004 Union Square Ceramic Center Union Square, NY 2005 Forma Studio Gallery Union Square, NY 2005 Ise Gallery Soho, NY 2006 Ise Gallery Soho, NY 2006 Pennsylvania Convention Center  Philadelphia, PA 2006 Nippon Gallery Midtown, NY 2007 Ise Gallery Soho, NY 2007 Sushiden Gallery Midtown, NY 2008 Ise Gallery Soho, NY 2008 Nippon Gallery Midtown, NY 2008 Ceres Gallery  Chelsea, NY 2008 Salon KIARA Midtown, NY 2008 Sunflower Gallery Uptown, NY 2009 Ise Gallery Soho, NY 2009 Ceres Gallery  Chelsea, NY 2009 Ceres Gallery  Chelsea, NY 2010 Nippon Gallery Midtown, NY 2010 Ise Gallery Soho, NY 2011 ヘンリベンデル(Henri Bendel) Midtown, NY ニューヨーク5番街 2012 Cha-girl in New York 茶ガール展 伊勢丹新宿店 Tokyo, Japan 2013年