two best friends : judy + Sara al Sd two things i wish if i can do : ballet dancing + playing piano two best teachers : Mrs. Shadia ( Egyptian ) + Mrs. Refa'at ( British ) two things i love the most : my father + Kuwait two people i cant live without : Awthah + Manayer two things have influenced me : Father + Awthah two things i like to do : dancing in a crazy way + sleeping the worst two years : 2008_2009 the best two years : 2007_ 2010 two types of people that i hate : liars + hypocrites two things i dont believe in : luck + horoscopes two things i believe in : law of attraction + music two things i cant resist : french fries + Ice cream two things i love to learn : French and English + history i hate math i hate Sundays i hate being with Manayer in the same room for my whole life i hate diet i hate the fact that am always late i hate spelling and grammar i hate living without maleeka and Enna i hate when mom says no i hate waiting i hate sea food/chicken/meat i hate when ppl talk much i hate stupid ppl i hate when i sleep the whole day i hate miss Natalia when she says : rewrite it ! i hate my hair i hate dell laptops i hate Riyadh's malls i hate my hand writing i hate windows i love reading and writing i love ice creams i love music i love french fries i love powerpoint i love mac laptops i love my sweet three little sisters and my strong three brothers :P i love my birthday date (A) i love DAS and YU i love Saudi Arabia i love my Blackberry i love daddy's lectures
    Art, chickens, sarcasm, and cynicism.