Meliorist with severe fernweh. I get lost in the beauty Of everything I see The world ain’t as half as bad As they paint it to be If all the sons If all the daughters Stopped to take it in Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin
    Been w/ Hubby since 97. Married 1-23-98. 2 Awesome Children: 1 Son ( born 1-2001) & 1 Daughter ( born 4-2004) Son named after Elvis ( My Fav. & My parents saw live b 4 he died) & Morgan is named after my Parents last name to honor My Family whom I love; The Elizabeth is after Brad's beloved grandmother who is w/ the lord now :) We Love Our Pets , Here's Our Pet Family : cats/ Kittens (3). 2 Siamese Sierra ( almost 16) Myley 4 yrs , & Brad's new baby Spynx Gwen ( 4 months) & Gia our SugarGlider who's 2. Morgan has a Beta Girl named Kate & Pres has a Beta boy named 'bob' .
    Born in Japan, studied in UK and currently living in Germany. - website - photo - music
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