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    I am the Japanese tradisonal craftsman in Kyoto. I made tea container by hand. I also enjoy hobby race in Japan with Lancia Delta.
    Writer,Editor and sometimes Performer of the Spoken Word. After graduating from Meiji University, I joined the publishing company specializing in water sports. After leaving in 1986, starting to work as a freelance magazine editor & writer. I worked on magazines, [BRUTUS] [Casa BRUTUS] [TARZAN][ POPEYE ][an an] [GQ Japan], and others. Auther of the book[On the Road, Again! ] (Published by suiseisya) . Editor of the book [Tadao Ando`s TOSHI HOUKOU] (published by Magazine House) Also, one of the founding core member of Shibuya FM, which is the community FM station started in 1996. In 1999, the U.S. pioneer of sustainable design award "Design Resouce Award" Invited to Japan. The first exhibition in Japan was held at IDEE interior shop . Whole Earth Project Inc. (aka: WEP) CEO. Lives in Shimokitazawa.
    Photo/Architecture/Tokyo Tech/iPhone/MacBook Pro/7D
    TANJC/陈维铮/陳維錚/陳維錚/タン・ズイチン マレーシア生まれ華人。京都在住現代美術作家。「存在のリアリティ」をテーマにアニメーション、実験映画、インスタレーションや参加型パフォーマンスなど表現手法多様。インタラクティブ装置とアナログ手法を融合した仕掛けと演出が特徴。代表作は水と油をライブ投影する「流体都市」、プロジェクションマッピングの「軟体都市」。東北デジタルコンテンツグランプリ’98優秀賞。あいちトリエンナーレ2010出品。 Chinese Malaysian. Contemporary artist and also a multimedia arts creator based in Kyoto, Japan. 3D Animation "Snowland" won the Award of Digital Contents Grand-Prix Tohoku 1998, while his experimental film "Held Even If It Rains" was used as the official trailer for Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 1999. During his graduate years at Kyoto Seika University, he actively engaged in exhibition planning and took part as curator of film festival. Stimulated and inspired by contemporary arts, Tan is fond of integration of artistic forms. The distinctive feature of his artistic expression can be traced in the combination of digital interactive installation and analog technology. His consistent interrogation of the reality of existence has become his recent thematic concept, in which audience is challenged with exceptional visual experience. Tan’s representative works include Gel City (interactive projection mapping), Fluid City (live projection of water and oil), Kegare (Documentary film on Japanese funeral), Papers and light (pile-ups of paper money) and Post (flashlights in a closed space).
    from Japan Love good music,Love drunk,Love trip,Love animal... ドス黒い音楽と酒があれば十分幸せ。 一人旅が好きなただの動物好き... 最近、安定した収入と女を諦めました。
    詩人 シニギワ(メンバー:松井茂、長嶌寛幸)
    no new folk studio Chief Designer