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    ねこ スニーカー HIP-HOP ラーメン Movie ただ今、絶賛ダイエット中
    I am friendly nd so sensitive who i m ? Am I am sharp and focused I wonder what the camera really sees I hear the buzzing bee I see flowers in early morning light I want to stop time in a box I am sharp and focused I pretend to be a statue I feel the shakes inside I touch the shutter button I worry about the blurry result I cry that the moment has forever passed I am sharp and focused I understand moments in time I say let's freeze them forever I dream of watercolor effects coming to life I try to see all the soft muted edges I hope it happens someday I am sharp and focused
    The yarn of the fate. He spun, and I follow it. I believe the light, and move forward. You are my other half… -2808110812-