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I-10 studio: amangiri resort, utah

Product description

collaborative I-10 studio, comprised of renowned architects rick joy, marwan al-sayed, and wendell burnette, has designed the 'amangiri resort'
in canyon point, utah, near the border of arizona. in par with the architects' oeuvre, the complex bears an intrinsic position in the desert site spotted
with flat mesas and water-carved plateaus. the resort features an impressive program covering 243 hectares of land: 34 suites with various views and
characteristics, a lounge, several swimming pools, spa, fitness center, and a central pavilion that contains a library, art gallery, and private/public dining areas,
amongst other functions. to capture the desert landscape, strong simple geometries backdrop the rough textured rock, at times taking on the role of spectator
while at others integrating seamlessly into it, allowing the natural contours to inform the nature of the man-made construct. the juxtaposition between the
pristine raw surfaces and organic red earth form a symbiotic relationship: the building is meant to frame the plateaus through varied apertures,
while the landscape acts as a host for the sculptural structure, each of which compliments the other quite balanced. exposed materials such as wood,
water, light (as could be appropriately considered in this case) and concrete, poured with local aggregate to match the neutral orange hues, ground the
vernacular into the site and help to capture the unique desert features. large openings offer a slice of the immediate exterior with retractable screens to
extend panoramic views. exterior courtyards on the different steppes introduce the guests in a more intimate way to the terrain, communicating with
the interior so that the outdoor experience is perhaps more important than the indoor.

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