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Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl

Product description

Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl Holds Your iPhone,2817,2414570,00.asp
If you typically spend your nights alone at home digging into a bowl of hot ramen noodles while wishing you had someone to hang out with, then we've got some good news. You never again have to eat your noodles in solitude thanks to an ingenious new product!
The anti-loneliness ramen bowl (that's the actual name) comes with a built-in iPhone dock so you can browse your social networks, watch videos, or listen to music while enjoying your favorite cheap dinner. The bowl is made by a Japanese company called Miso Soup Design, which said it should be available sometime between April and May, but did not yet reveal pricing details.
The company got the idea for the bowl after seeing a Taiwanese man enjoying ramen noodles with one hand while holding his phone with the other, one of the bowl's designers, Minnie Jan, told the New York Daily News.
"He just couldn't let the phone go!" Jan said. "We thought it would be a good idea to help him restore his manners."
According to photos on the company's Facebook page, the bowl will come in white, black, and red. Miso Soup Design is currently accepting a "limited number" of pre-orders for the iPhone-friendly noodle vessel. Those who are interested can email the company at or contact them via Facebook.
Meanwhile, the anti-loneliness ramen bowl isn't the only high-tech culinary creation. A Hong Kong-based company called Hapilabs introduced the Hapifork at CES earlier this month. The electronic fork that will monitor your eating habits and tell you when you might want to take a breather with that pasta dish.

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