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Mari Sarai, Naked by Mari Sarai £40.00 ‘Women with courage, energy, and they all had something that struck a chord in my soul.’ Exclusive to London 3939shop - photographer Mari Sarai’s first book, hand signed by the artist. 96 pages of female nudes shot from a female point of view. The intimate connection that Mari was able to create with the subjects enabled her to shoot the women at ease. resulting in beautiful images that are raw, powerful, and free. ‘The title, ‘NAKED’, has a meaning of nudity in English. At the same time it has the meaning of unfolding the innerself. Although this is the very first time in my life for me to photograph nude women, I have always focused on shooting this innerself of the model, even when I shoot fashion stories and portraits. So I bring this same attitude to the nude project with my own personal style, to be spontaneous, to catch the moment.’ There are only limited copies available hand-signed by Mari Sarai.

Category: Books / Writer: Mari Sarai

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