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Graphic Design Art of A. Mercier for NOVE® Website and Brand

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A site for gastronomic pleasures
Galicia, Spain — November 2005
Experience the region of Galicia through culinary art
Nove (Grupo Gastronómico Galicia) is a group of gastronomic chefs based in the beautiful region of Galicia, Spain. These diverse chefs have been united by their love of the region and favoring of good ingredients over fancy techniques.
Nove hired AREA 17 to create the visual identity for the group and its first website. The visual identity included the design of the groups logo along with a graphic system that spanned all of their print materials.
For the logo, we used an octopus — a symbol of Galicia — adding a ninth arm to represent the original number of chefs.
There were three goals for the project — introduce Galicia to the world, show the richness of this beloved region’s culinary arts and promote the Galician language.
For the logo, we used an octopus — a symbol of Galicia — adding a ninth arm to represent the original number of chefs. Then a red logo stamp was added to suit Nove’s Iberian sanguine character. The region was further emphasized through photography that showed it’s unique visual landscape.
The website also explores Galicia, but it additionally opens a window into each chef’s restaurant and their menus’s specialties. Built to be multi-language and multi-version (Flash/HTML), the website was made to reach the largest audience possible.
The making of Nove’s website took us out of the studio and into the sun — traveling around beautiful Spain, taking pictures, staying in cozy bed & breakfasts and being obliged to try at least seven delicious dishes per meal (with wine of course). One of our tougher gigs.
A few years later, the success of Nove Group led the Chefs to contract us again to take the website to the next level. Check out the Nove website 2.0.

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