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Everyone Their Own Projector

Product description

Everyone Their Own Projector is an artist’s book published by Captures Edition in Valence, France. It was created as the focus of the exhibition of the same name held recently in Paris. Kentridge made roughly one hundred drawings for the book, using collage on text pages torn from books he has cannibalized for years, such as Mrs Beaton’s Book of Household Remedies, and the French Larousse Encyclopaedia, favouring ink and brush drawing with crayon on the text pages.

“The artist romps through the history of art on each page of the book, looking at and bringing his own perception to Giotto, Masaccio’s Expulsion from Eden, Manet’s famous bartender and Rembrandt’s beautiful study of his second wife, Hendrickje paddling in a stream. These visual quotations are punctuated by typical Kentridge imagery and obtuse rhetorical questions. His new character, Nicholai Gogol’s Nose appears, intimately exploring the female body: contemporary female bodies from South Africa alongside studies of Degas’ femmes après le bain. The Nose travels with Kentridge, examining the artist’s selected artistic lineage, and the classic subject of the European artist until the mid twentieth century, that of the female nude.” – From Kate McCrickard’s review.

The artist’s book, Everyone Their Own Projector is printed in a run of 1500, and is also released in a limited, signed edition of 120 copies accompanied by a signed and numbered lithograph by the artist.

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