Underground LOVE/HATE Blue Creepers

Product description

Underground LOVE/HATE Blue Creepers
by Underground


Underground LOVE/HATE Studded Blue Creepers


This LOVE/HATE shoes by Underground has been made with suede upper, patent leather side and a ridged sole designed by 3939 SHOP, exclusively available at 3939 SHOP, London.

It features

- Blue Suede on the upper
- Blue Patent Leather on the side
- Leopard Hide on the front with lace-up closure
- Zipper detailing on the upper toe
- LOVE silver studs on the heel
- HATE silver studs on the heel

About Underground Shoes:

Inspired by the ferocity of punk and founded in its aftermath, their original creepers were first worn by new romantics, goths and new wavers in Camden, North London.
As post-punk gave way to grunge, Underground steel-cap boots found favour in North America, Europe and Japan, while in the last decade our winkle picker styles have reflected a newer wave of angular, guitar-driven music.
More recently Underground has been adopted by like-minded couture designers whose collections have been inspired by our uncompromising style. As movements and subcultures have cross-pollinated with increasing speed, Underground has remained a touchstone with those for whom style is synonymous with intelligence, independence and a rebellious spirit.

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