Simone Rocha - Nude Net & Lace Frill Dress

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Simone Rocha - Nude Net & Lace Frill Dress
by Simone Rocha


Simone Rocha - Nude Net & Lace Frill Dress
Price: £495.00

SIMONE ROCHA’S S/S12 Collection, her third since graduating from the MA in St. Martins in 2010, develops further the reactions of fabrication and texture, fresh femininity and masculine strength. Simone continues to find inspiration in the work and worlds of Louise Bourgeois.

Materials: Exploring the tension of masculinity and femininity, emphasized in the fabrications of silk, rubber and plastics, stretch cotton, tulle and antique embroideries, creating new surfaces, trapping textures one inside the other, contrasting density and delicacy, antique and modern.

Silhouettes: Fragile and Strong. Precisely tailored pieces, structure collaged together, contrast with fiercely pretty biased shapes and controlled volume in treated lace and embroidered silk.

Colour: A palette of off white, black and nude with highlights of hot green, pink and scarlet.

Nude Net & Lace Frill Dress
Double layer nude net with floral ivory lace shift dress with an exaggerated frill detail. Cut for a beautiful feminine fit. Seams are delicately finished with refined baby lock stitch. Let this creation float over a vintage slip or under skirt.

Size Guidance: (The model photographed here is UK10 size)

UK8 (EU 37), UK10 (EU 38) and UK12 (EU 39)

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