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Product description

This is Erlend Øye writing to you, wanting to introduce "Rules" by The Whitest Boy Alive. Since we completed "Dreams" in early 2006 this has happened: Daniel Nentwig joined the band fulltime on Rhodes and Crumar (an italian synthesizer). We have played 120 concerts in Europe and Mexico. And now, emerging from soundchecks and end-of-concert jams has come 11 songs which make up our second long player "Rules". It started with 2 months in the end of 2007 in Nayarit, Mexico, at the house of our friend Adrian Meyer Dentzel, where we first helped him building a studio, Glass Cube, while at the same time working on the song arrangements in the living room of the house among geckos and butterflies. Then we spent the last 3 weeks recording it, doing take after take till we felt satisfied. Back home in berlin after christmas, we recorded again what we werent happy with yet, and mixed the record in autumn with No rman Nietsche, who also mixed "dreams". Geoff McFetridge has again drawn amazing drawings for us. In many ways we feel that "Rules" is as much our debut album as "Dreams" was. Finally what we are as a live band is represented on vinyl and in wave-form. It comes with my warmest recomendations. Enjoy!

"rules" is available now at, the record store near you and itunes and other digital retailers around europe.

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