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View More Stop The Water While Using Me

Grooming by Stop The Water

Product description

Stop The Water While Using Me - Grooming
by Stop The Water


The world's first cosmetics range that gets people to save water and it is a cute natural eco-grooming product, made from organic ingredients, biodegradable containers and manufactured sustainably.

About Stop The Water:
Where it is wasted time. 
And where it's easy to save water. 
Every day in the bathroom. 
home, in restaurants and hotels. Everywhere.
They: Stop using artificial ingredients. Stop using colourants and preservatives. Stop using animal testing. Stop using non-biodegradable elements. Stop creating unnecessary waste by using refillable bottles.
You: Stop The Water While Using Me!

The line is available in all natural shampoo, soap, shower gel and body lotion.

Natural Rosemary Grapefruits Shampoo (200 ml):
With aromatic rosemary to get the skin's circulation going, this shampoo is particularly invigorating for the scalp and all hair types. It even goes well with coloured hair, and is ideal for hair care and protection. Natural grapefruit - a hybrid of orange and pomelo, incidentally - also gives the fine bubbles in the foam a pleasant summery note.

Natural Lemon Honey Soap (200 ml):

Dry and tired skin especially benefits from the gentle and cleansing effect of honey when it emulsifies with water. Add organically grown lemons to the ingredients and you get a light, fresh fragrance that also revitalises the skin. No wonder that even a simple daily ritual, like washing your hands, becomes such a pleasure.

Natural Orange Wild Herbs Shower Gel (200 ml):
Full of quality oils from hand-picked oranges, this gel revitalises body and soul. Noticeably. Lemon balm and cloves stimulate the natural skin functions. Spread evenly, this dose of sunshine in a tube cleans deep and gets you freshened up again. So you can start every day full of natural energy and life.

Natural Sesame Sage Body Lotion (200 ml):
The healing effects of sage were known to the ancients, and while sesame oil has a long tradition as a massage oil in ayurvedic medicine. We've also added a light, fresh hint of organically grown lemon to this exclusive lotion, which is composed entirely of precious ingredients. Used sparingly, it is wonderfully pleasant and hydrates the skin long-lasting freshness.

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