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Williams Sonoma Rub Library

Product description

Butchers rub: A blend of garlic, black pepper and sea salt with aromatic mustard seed, paprika, chili flakes and a dash of Worcestershire.
Potlatch Lemon Garlic Seasoning: Combines tangy lemon and savory garlic with fragrant turmeric and cardamom for a fresh twist on traditional potlach seasoning.
Chile Lime Rub: Spicy-tangy blend of New Mexican chiles and tart lime enhanced with California cilantro, cumin and other spices to add gentle heat and mouth-watering flavor.
Smokehouse Rub: Inspired by the rustic traditions of a deep-woods smokehouse, with slow-smoked Pacific sea salt, thyme, sage and a dash of sugar for the perfect balance of savory and sweet.
Argentine Steak Rub: Celebrates the bold flavors of Argentinean cuisine, with a classic medley of herbs and spices, premium garlic and onions and mild red pepper for a hint of spicy heat.
Ultimate Roast Chicken Rub: Handcrafted blend of kosher salt, black pepper and garlic with traditional herbs and spices, tangy lemon and aromatic mustard.
Sweet Heat Rub: Inspired by the sweet and spicy seasonings of Southern pitmasters, with California garlic and onion, dark brown cane sugar, peppers, applewood smoke and hops for a smokehouse-style finish.
Sweet Onion Applewood Rub: Smoky-sweet blend of California garlic, onion and molasses with bacon and applewood smoke flavors.
Hickory Molasses Rub: Lively down-home blend of hickory smoke and molasses with kosher salt, California garlic and New Mexico chile peppers for an extra kick.
Steakhouse Rub: Combines aromatic California garlic and onion with Pacific sea salt, brown sugar and a dash of Worcestershire to enhance the character of premium beef.
Potlach Seasoning: Rich, smoky herb blend inspired by the natural flavorings Pacific Northwest Indians once used to prepare salmon for their ceremonial feasts.
Sriracha Kaffir Lime Rub: Captures the distinct heat of Sriracha sauce and infuses it with the bright, floral flavors of Kaffir lime leaves.
Chipotle Spicy Rub: Combines the iconic hot peppers of the American Southwest with brown sugar, roasted garlic and a medley of classic spices, including aromatic oregano, cumin and coriander.

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