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Product description

fraAngelico is open-source and most hackable synthesizer ever and that is also why we call it true digital!

fraAngelico 8-bit PWM digital synth is also unique by the means of its sound generation.

It does not use any D/A convertor but the sound is generated by just one digital output pin using Pulse With Modulation which means that by fast changing of different lenghts of pulses we can make different output voltages.

Resolution of this technique to achieve different voltage levels is 8-bit but in the true essence the output form the synth is just 1-bit because the output pin does jus 1 or 0 which makes distinctive digital character to its sound.

Although this puristic and minimalistic approach to sound generation, FraAngelico is able to make wide range of different sound colours from powerfull bass to glitchy noises as well as complex rhithmic structures.

This unprocessed raw digital output can be also synchronised with any MIDI device through its MIDI input.

The soundcore of fraAngelico is based on Auduino project by


▪︎ hackable in hardware (there is lot of free space to add features) and software (it is open source and re-programmable form Arduino)
▪︎ granular synthesis for each sound you adjust pitch (chromatic) grainFreq 1, grainDecay1,grainFreq 2 and grainDecay2 (adjusting grainPitch makes analog-filter sweep-like effect)
▪︎ PWM sound genesis which makes is TRUE DIGITAL
▪︎ intuitive interface with 4 perfect response big buttons, 5 pots and 3 switches
▪︎ learn mode where you edit the 15 different sound (each button press combination makes different sound)
▪︎ complex and versatile digital LFO which can be edited in a way to sound like arpeggio
▪︎ in LFO you can adjust rate, amount, shape (triangle,sawUp, sawDown,sawUpDown,continuous random, random), smooth (number of steps) and destination of LFO (pitch, grainPitch 1 or 2, grainDecay 1 or 2, volume)
▪︎ ADSR evelope with destination options same as LFO
MIDI input (with attached Standuino MIDI connector)
▪︎ 8 presets, 4 can be edited by user and than exported to computer to be uploaded into 4 more presets stored in flash memory
▪︎ 3,5mm headphone output jack connector (directly to pwm pin) -can power stereo headphones (but instrument is in mono),
▪︎ volume adjust pot
▪︎ 9-12V power supply from battery or adaptor

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