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Women Laptop Bag in Cork - Fits MacBook Pro 15" - Eco Gift by Corkor

Product description

Women Laptop Bags are made of cork

This Laptop bag from Corkor is the ideal combination for your laptop, notebook or Mac book up to 15".
Sophisticated finishing, very nice and silky to the touch, offers a great look to you when you carry it.
Every piece is unique due to vegetable cork patterns, which makes you be different and stand out because of your choice of sustainable products.

- Combines cork and synthetic leather
- Holds a Macbook Pro 15" and any other laptop up to 365 x 250 x 17 mm (14.4" x 9.8" x 0.7")
- Holds an A4 pad
- Fastens with top-zip for security
- Inside large pocket, smaller pocket and mobile phone pocket
- Lightweight
- Eco-friendly material - Made from Cork (leather free)
- Cork exterior is soft, flexible, protective, sturdy and very durable.
- Great gift idea for vegan and vegetarian women

>>> Product video on YouTube Channel<<<
A video for this item can be viewed if you copy and past the following link on a new browser window:

- Measurements: 410 x 290 x 100 mm (16.1" x 11.4" x 3.9")
- Weight: +/- 450g (15.90 oz)
- Lining Material: Cork and soft fabric (100% Polyester)
- Outside Material: Cork + synthetic leather

>>> FAQ'S (Frequently asked questions) <<<
- If you don't find your answer below, please ask us -

1 - Cork?? Is it real cork?
Yes, it is real cork, it is cork fabric, it feels like leather but it comes from the cork oak tree instead of an animal

2 - How DURABLE are cork products?
Cork products will last very long, we can compare them to a great quality leather goods.

3 - How does it FEEL like? It's cork, is it like wood?
Cork comes from the tree but cork fabric is very soft, silky touch and very comfortable to use/wear, yet with a rustic and amazing look.

4 - Are Corkor products GREEN?
Yes, they are. They are handmade with cork fabric. Cork is natural, renewable and a sustainable raw material.

5 - Is it suitable for VEGANS?
Yes, it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is 100% leather-free, no animal products are used and no tests are made to animals.

6 - Can it be cleaned?
Sure. Cork fabric is stain and water resistant and just need to be cleaned with a damp soft cloth to be kept as new.

7 - I'm looking for a UNIQUE gift. Is it ONE-OF-A-KIND?
Yes, it certainly is one-of-a-kind gift. Due to nature of cork, every single product is different and unique, grain and colour may slightly differ from one to another.

8 - I purchased it today, when will I receive it?
Depends where you are, due to our experience we estimate that deliveries to:
- US, Canada, Australia, South America takes from 5 to 14 days,
- Europe takes 3 to 7 days,
- Rest of the world takes from 5 to 14 days.

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