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Product description


Our lives are a series of meaningful moments, but the special ones tend to happen without warning. Do you sometimes wish you'd had your camera ready to capture that special moment, but were too late? Imagine if there was a device that captured those moments that would otherwise be lost.

It was out of this frustration that we started dreaming… What if we could create a product that would enable everyone to capture their moments, without creating excesses of digital content? Our vision is that no one misses out on capturing their favorite moments again.

meMINI is the world’s first wearable camera with recall.

Recall allows you to save moments in high definition video, after they happen – because we understand that the best moments in life tend to happen without warning.

Capturing both once in a lifetime memories and everyday moments while avoiding hours of unwanted video footage has never been easier. Those funny moments with your husband or wife, your child’s “firsts,” or the joke your friend just told - all can instantly be saved, in hindsight.

The meMINI camera, in its development.

We believe we should all be able to capture life's moments quickly and easily, and have that video at our fingertips minutes later. We have approached the design of the meMINI user experience and camera with one goal in mind: keep it simple.

Stunning on the outside and powerful on the inside, meMINI’s technical features will allow us to add updates in the future, giving you more options to enhance your meMINI experience. With all that choice, you’ll never miss a moment again.

Experience the emotion of everyday moments, then save the video.

A world first
Captures looped footage, adjustable from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, letting you decide how long a moment lasts
Simply pressing the recall button allows you to preserve a moment that would otherwise be lost

Innovative super-hold technology
Wear your meMINI anywhere on your clothes
The camera stays secure with the help of a magnetic backing plate – giving you flexibility and security

HD video
With image stabilisation and 1080 HD, your moments will be lifelike, for life

Simple and easy to use
One touch operation
3 hours of battery life on one charge

We know meMINI captures amazing videos of great moments, and that this video needs to be shared - to loved ones and often, to the world - so we have created a unique sharing and storage service to run alongside meMINI.

Your smartphone allows you to control your camera, your footage and its chosen destination easily. meMINI’s app means you can connect loved ones to your moments whenever and wherever you choose.

Then there’s the meMINI community. An online platform where you can store private videos and share captured memories via email, on social media or with other users. You can even share your moments with the whole community.

With meMINI integrated to our cloud based storage service, you can store and share moments easily right after they take place
Access your memories anytime, from anywhere
Enhance your moments with soundtracks and filters

Smart phone app
Retain control of your camera and your footage at your fingertips
Pick the chosen destination of your moments easily
Connect loved ones to your moments whenever and wherever you choose

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