Andrew Losowsky We Make Magazines: Inside the Independents

Product Description:

Explores and celebrates magazine culture through cutting-edge visuals and editorial contributions from around the world. An explosion of independent publishing has emerged in recent years. Their unusual use of freedom of expression promotes excellence in writing, editorial design and visual arts. Independent print media experiment with, cultivate and develop the magazine form in a way the mainstream is unable to risk. We Make Magazines explores magazine culture and celebrates the energy and visual dynamite that can be found outside the publishing mainstream. The book showcases more than 100 independent magazines from 30 countries around the globe with stunning spreads and layouts. Edited by passionate magazine connoisseurs, it features exclusive interviews with international experts and at the same time illustrates the diverse topics that are fundamental to magazine publishing such as the golden rules of advertising, the secret to success, finding out who your readers are and how to go about making each issue. We Make Magazines includes a magazine directory on over 700 of the most cutting- edge independent magazines worldwide and is presented in a visually driven format with cover images, spreads as well as websites. Ten guest magazines at the vanguard of independent magazine publishing are also highlighted with indepth interviews with the editors and founders. These include BabyBabyBaby (Mexico), Good (US), idN (Hong Kong) Karen (UK), Kasino A4 (Finland), Las Mas Bella (Spain), Liebling (Germany), Nuke (France), Sang Bleu (Switzerland) and Volume (Netherlands). We Make Magazines is an essential read for everyone with a passion for print. It has been published to accompany the international magazine symposium Colophon 2009.

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