We are the Inuit of Nunavik in Northern Québec, Canada. Our herbal tea delivers distinct flavour and rich aroma while preserving the characteristics of our tradition.
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    We can never go wrong when we trust the Lord in all things. He is mighty & faithful, loves me unconditionally, knows my heart & the only one who can truly help me in any way or form. I am blessed and appreciate the Lord for being in my life. Had a baby daughter on August 30, 2010....she is my little blessing and present from the Lord. Also, having such a wonderful husband in my life, makes my life so enriched. Shane, thank you for being such a blessing and giving me all your love, everything you do and being who you are . ヅ One goal that I strive for everyday....to learn at least one thing, that will be a positive asset to my life. I'm of a French, Spanish & Navajo Indian background. I enjoy learning new things! Intelligence, Wisdom, Prophecy & Music fascinates me. I love a great sense of humor in anyone, because laughter is music to my heart & soul. There are many facets to me, the best way to get to know me, is to spend quality time with me. I enjoy helping others, making people laugh, spending quality time with my family, love ones & my sweet, dear friends. Currently, I am attending Royalwood Pentecostal Church, Rev. Ron Macey, Houston, TX.
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