獣医6年/下北沢/どうぶつ/ONE PIECE/星野源/SAKEROCK/ももクロ/ファンモン/THE BACK HORN/back number/10-FEET/TRIPLANE/SPEC/堤幸彦/乙一/NICE CLAUP
    好きなこと:食事 サッカー観戦 阪神タイガース チャリ 都市伝説 ダーツ
    がっつり&まったり、バランス良く生きたい。よろしくお願いします!ミタクエ オアシン!! バレーボール/ヨーヨー/ダーツ/音楽、ライブ、ミッキーのギター/化学、有機半導体/知的財産、弁理士試験/美術館、公園/門前仲町、日吉/IT系、証券/めぞん一刻、コジコジ/
    目の保養☆ お笑い大好き田舎っぺ母ちゃんです(°≦°)/
    旅と野球とディズニーが好き。 お裁縫も好き。 某アイドルを応援中のクリエイティブなオタクです(´-`).。oO
    ✳︎健康✳︎美✳︎癒し✳︎ natural healing power自然治癒力をテーマに 看護師&セラピストをしてます(ノ´∀`)ノ☆ *.*my boom*.* ☆アロマ☆cafe☆ボルダリング☆ ☆パワーストーン☆マンガ☆ ☆メイク☆自分磨き☆ダーツ☆ *友達いっぱい出来るといいな♪( ´▽`) *
    hello, I'm Ryo, and I know it's hard to pronounce for Non-Japanese. If you think so too, you can call me "YO". it's a easy way to say and remember. I've been studying English in Toronto, Canada almost for 2 years and a half. Since I came back to Osaka, Japan, I've been looking for someone speaking English. I want to maintain my English skill. I am working for a company dealing with Vietnam China, and Bangladesh. Somehow, i got promoted to the Manager of the import division, I do facebook at work all day long, though. Basically I love working, who the hell says Work-Life Balance ? Here is the famous quote. "Work Hard, Play Hard." As you read, "Work" is the first thing, because if you work hard, you will find a way to enjoy your work like kids do Play Station. I have some parties in Osaka and I can give you a little discount. If you are interested in Japan, Japanese, my parties, or Me :P, Please casually send me a message. Welcome all people without exception!!
    Karma from nihility in one's own mind