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    Our services include both traditional and modern techniques that help us provide a professional Burnaby physiotherapy service. Acupuncture is a traditional technique founded by the Chinese, that involves sticking needles into affected areas according to a pre-designed body map. We have certified acupuncturists conducting this service. Cupping therapy is a considerably old technique in the field of physiotherapy. It helps relieve the tension in muscles and increases blood flow. Needling/IMS and electrotherapy are some of the modern techniques we have incorporated into our physiotherapy services. With the help of electric current on the affected areas electrotherapy helps relieve the tension and loosen the muscles. Needling is the modern take of the traditional acupuncture technique. However, with the help of technology, it is easier to treat the stronger muscles surrounding the spine. Our tailored treatment plans always succeed in providing a holistic physiotherapy service to our patients. This plan is designed taking into previous medical history together with current symptoms. This allows EastWest Physiotherapy to provide the best Physiotherapy service in Burnaby.
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