Direction & Design & Music.
    調布市|中津川市|恵那市 拠点に活動している建築家です。 住宅・集合住宅・店舗を中心に設計しています。 FB HP
    旅と写真と建物と、ゴハン! 猫と暮らしています。
    パリが好き。フィレンツェが好き。 古都と現代アートに惹かれる。 Work: Teaching English Think global, live local. World out there we should see!
    ニコタ / UVERworld / 伊藤歌詞太郎 / げろりん / ボカロ / Avril / 阿部真央 / 片平里菜 / アニメ / ディズニー とかいろいろ
    be kind, sincere, and show compassion to every person that walks into your life, because you never know who will turn out to be special. try to see the good in everyone. swallow your pride, put differences aside. I don't take anything or anyone for granted. if it's meant to be, it will happen. smile. relax. do your best. love every moment of your life and don't waste a breath you take on something that won't make you happy. always remember you don't have to impress anybody. be yourself and those meant to stay in your life will be there for you. i usually don't fit in but i do like to treat everyday like it's special. I'm sort of that hopeful, free spirited, kid at heart kind of girl. Fairy tales, magic, and Prince Charming still exist to me. i have amazing people in my life, and i appreciate everything God has given to me including his presence in my life. Disney Princess at heart. Check out my website!! Help me make my dream come true~
    design student form Medellin, Colombia. Passionate about Dance, music, movies and art ...