Names Byron Born and raised in STL I am mulatto, Consisting of Cherokee Indian, French, German, Irish, and Swedish. Too much if ya ask me. Great at remembering faces Horrible at remembering names I listen to just about every genre of music but I am an extreme Hip Hop Enthusiast. Will be forever diggin for that real shit. Don't take me for a fool. I have seen and been through alot of good/bad situations in my life and that have made me who I am today. I like to consider myself rather intelligent for the most part. Was raised a devout christian for over 15 years. Eventually I came to the realization that believing in an imaginary being that is watching over us 24/7 and has predetermined fate for all of us is just as illogical as believing that captain planet will someday stop pollution. So as of this moment I don't really see justification in believing in anything but as of late I have been enlightened to think that someone may be looking out for me. Love my city but have come to the point in my life where I feel I need to move on. Do No Harm but Take No Shit is something I like to live by. I do my best at staying a neutral party in some situation's. Adding drama to your life is unnecessary imo. Best concert I have been too would have to be Rage against the machine with Wu tang clan, Cypress Hill, Public enemy and at least 10 other artists for Rock The Bells 07 in New York. Was only in New York City for 3 days but it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I want to start a doo-wop band such as the temptations, only modernized. There's nothing like going to a good concert and dancing so hard your body hurts the week after. Past Shows I've been too in order since 09. 1. Cheech and Chong 2. AP Tour with 3OH3/Family Force 5/The Maine 3. The Crystal Method 4. Atmosphere 5. Santigold/Trouble Andrew/Amanda Blank/MSTRKRFT 6. Tech N9ne 7. Lupe Fiasco 8. Rusted Root 9. Incubus 10. Blink 182/Fall Out Boy/The Academy Is 11. METALOCALYPSE: Dethklok/Mastadon/Converge/High On Fire 12. Themselves/Eyedea & Abilities/Violentress 13. El Monstero 14. Eyedea & Abilites 15. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 16. Jedi Mind Tricks 17. Killah Priest from the Wu-Tang Clan 18. Soundset Festival in Minnesota 19. Rhymefest 20. Borgore 21. Hip Hoppers Holiday II feat. Blueprint and The Cool Kids 22. Street Sweeper Social Club 23. Gorillaz 24. Brother Ali 25. Bassnectar 26. Talib Kweli 27. The Arcade Fire 28. Dredg 29. Raekwon The Chef/Steddy P & DJ Mahf/Safety Words 30. Cunninlynguists, Tonedeff and Homeboy Sandman 31. Soundset Festival 2011 in Minnesota 32. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien 33. Atmosphere/Blueprint/Evidence & DJ Babu 34. DJ Abilites with One Be Lo 35. DOOMTREEEEEEE 36. Peanut Butter Wolf 37. Odd Future WOLFGANG 38. Doug Stanhope 39. BASSCENTER VII 40. Die Antwoord 41. Bloc Party 42. Liquid Stranger, DJ Icey, AK1200 43. Dessa, Aby Wolf and Farout. 44. Lee Fields and The Expressions with Lady 45. Blue Hawaii and Purity Ring 46. Project Pat 47. The Uncluded (Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson) 48. El-P, Killer Mike, Kool AD, and Despot. 49. Homeboy Sandman, Mike Eagle and Random aka Megaran 50. Shlohmo, XXYYXX and Pleasure 51. Atmosphere, B.Dolan and Dem Atlas 52. Grieves, Grayskul and Mathias and The Pirates 53. Mega Ran & K-Murdock with Brentalfloss 54. Sage Francis and Death and Taxes 55. Freddie Gibbs Upcoming show's Joell Ortiz 8/02 Dom Chronicles & Farout 8/07 Tom Morello, The Coup and more 8/08 Ferguson Event, Talib Kweli, Bun B, Immortal Technique, Pharoahe Monch 8/09 Stik Figa 8/26 Glitch Mob 9/3 Blackalicious 9/4 Ratatat 9/9 Patton Oswalt 9/10 Fishbone 9/10 Funk Volume Tour with Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton 10/02 Chance The Rapper 10/13 Brian Posehn 10/14 Joey Badass, Denzel Curry, Bishop Nehru 10/18
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    The cultist of materialism