I am a digital artist and graphic designer for app development and web design. I create digital art because I love it and fortunately I get paid to do it for app developers. I am a freelance designer and have worked for clients like StyleM, StartupProductions, Mogulworx, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, Larry Williams University. My work has been featured in Digital Artist Magazine, the book Best Digital Brushes for Photoshop by Susannah Hall, AndroidGuys Blog, and each day you will find my designs in the app Backgrounds for iPhone and Droid users. I am a Mac user but also use my Alienware PC for rendering jobs. My software and hardware tools are Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Corel Painter, Lightroom, C4D, FractalArchitect, FlamePainter, OnOne plug-ins, iMac, PC, Wacom Tablet, Olympus E-30 DSLR. I also do some traditional watercolors and hand drawing which I scan and incorporate in my art. I am always looking for inspiration in art galleries, art books, art communities online, museums. I organize all my ideas on my iPad using Adobe Collage. I have been part of the DeviantArt community since 2009 and have found not only a network of fellow artists around the world but book and magazine publishers have found my work through this community and have I connected with several clients through this international art community. It has been an invaluable resource for my art career. My style has evolved and is continuing to change based on new skills, new media and new trends. It's a constant journey of learning, exploring and experimenting. I love love love what I do. They only challenge for me is selling my work and keeping up with the business end of it. The part that I hate but is necessary to keep doing what I am doing. Facebook is another way to network and getting my work seen. In this ever changing world of gadgets and technology I will continue to try to roll with the progress. So forward I go……
    ライブが好き ♡ KinKi /D.W.ニコルズ/ミスチル/吉田山田/高田リオン/ビアンコネロ/wacci/ナオト/デジル and more!! それと、動物がとっても大好き◡̈
    熊本県で生まれ育ち、大学進学をきっかけに上京、その後埼玉に移り住み現在に至っています。趣味は、映画、ガーデニング、ゴルフ、ドライブ、家事。動物が大好きで、犬、猫、セキセイインコを飼っています。 仕事は、「社会福祉士、精神保健福祉士」の資格を元に個人事務所を持って、成年後見や東京都第三者評価などの業務に携わっています。ホームレスや貧困問題に関心があり、埼玉県所沢市で仲間とともに「NPO法人サマリア」を立ち上げ、生活困窮者生活支援活動も積極的に行っています。
    (*'͜' )⋆* wants〜♪ すきなものをwants♪ ピンときたらwants♪ wants♪wants♪ (*'͜' )⋆* wants〜♪
    Married to Keith Swan, we have two sons Brent and Matthew. We have six grandchildren provided by our son, Brent and his wife, Michelle.
    8bit, picopico, techno, 80-90 japanese new waveとpost-punk, oldschool 90-00 visual kei
    딱 필요한 만큼만. 8822km.tumblr.com
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