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    名古屋栄5丁目のセレクトストアPEDESTRIANの店番です。 中日ドラゴンズ、芋焼酎、スニーカーを愛する生粋のナゴヤンです。
    旧姓 小串 ちはる Is the sound that Takashi seeks Jazz? Is it Broken Beats? Is it Nu-Jazz? Or, is it Trip-Hop? The music which blends a funny element based on the musical theory is like the contemporary bricolage by an experimental approach. When we listen to it, it gives a different impression every time, and draws us into the world that is unable to categorize. At last, Takashi released "Monophonic Multiphonic" after spending seven years. However, you should understand that he did not spend such long time for the production of his work but the music scene needed such time in order to understand his music. The music life of Takashi started when he was a seven-year-old boy. The musical instrument that he got for the first time was violins. The musical instrument that had been given as part of the intellectual development did not become his favorite instrument. However, after a while, in the summer when he was a 13-year-old boy, he noticed the musical instrument is the same type which Paul McCartney played. So, after he got Hofner Bass, he did not try to go to the violin lesson anymore. Then, he moved to the small studio that he is able to play dynamically by using the deep bass. He participated in some semi-professional band in the first half in his twenties. However, he was disgusted at the unwritten law caused by the genre. And, since he found a unique jarring sound produced in the theory of harmonics, he gradually devoted himself to the progressive rock. ------------------------------ ------------------------ Since he was disgusted at a peculiar rule about the genre, he gradually devoted himself to progressive rock where a unique conception had begun to arise at that time. He started a travel of self-expression, creating an intellectual sound which ease coexists with annoyingness by using a sequencer. The equation of his "Individuality = solo work" became stronger by continuing a novel attempt. ------------------------------ -------------------------- In those days, I was requested to composite some commercial music by one of my friends who worked for the advertising agency. Since then, I have been compositing mainly movie music, being mesmerized by it. Moreover, since access of IT technology had become active by the Internet, I released my work through my HP and myspace, etc. I also had exchanged friendship with many musicians and DJs, and it had gradually expanded. In those days, I met Nick Luscombe who was working as DJ at one of FM radio stations ("XFM") in London. He continued to introduce the sound of TakashiTsuzuki to listeners all over the world in his program. His music knocked the door of Europe for the first time. Since 2001, he participated in the composition contest such as DIESEL-U-MUSIC, and became more famous. This career became the touchstone of his release in Europe. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----- By participation in the contests such as DIESEL-U-MUSIC, he has become more famous. And, this experience achieved the release from one of the labels in Europe (hal9000 etc.). ------------------------------ ------------ It must have been fresh as if it deserves close attention. However, at the same time, Takashi also became uneasy, because there might not be any field (category) where he can survive as of today. Just then, that some overseas label which began to be sluggish has become uncommunicative is an accident? Although there were some offers, he interrupted his creation activity since 2006. Although he returned to life which centered on CM music again, the silence for three years might have made his music a mellow one which drifts smell. In the summer of 2009, an e-mail that reached his Myspace became a chance to start again. And, he released "Monophonic Multiphonic" in February, 2010… It was eight years ago that his music started in Japan. It has crossed Europe, and will visit the United States this year. His each music travels seeking a place where one can live in peace... Takashi believes that the sound leads all sea routes. ----- PS He' Looking for Vocalist.
    Wassap👐I'm Ray_BOOTY JAP🇯🇵 ▲▼▲$treetwear▼▲partyfa$hion▲▼cu$tomremake▼▲only1item▼▲import▼▲original▼▲▼more.....produce WEB BLOG TUMBLR twitter @bootysisterz
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    I LOVE ガンダム。 052 No,1 Female DJ!! DJ AKI is active in not only Nagoya but also various places. STONE FOX PROMOTION