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    In August of 2009, Saturdays opened its doors on a small, cobblestone street in Soho. Determined to suit a lifestyle occupied with surfing, living and working in New York City, Saturdays began selling boards and wetsuits while sourcing and selling books, fine art and other lifestyle accessories. Today, Saturdays creates, designs and produces its own line of menswear focusing on high-quality craftsmanship, authenticity and traditional style. In addition to clothing, the up-front espresso bar serves their own blend of La Colombe coffee brewed by some of the best baristas in the city. Out back, the fully planted yard acts as a wood-decked sanctuary from the streets. It is a place to enjoy your coffee, hang out with friends or have a quiet meeting. In the years since Saturdays opened, it has served as a hang out for some of New York’s most influential artists, surfers and thinkers, all of whom have helped redefine what it means to live, work and surf in New York City.
    期間限定で開催した「個人出品によるテスト販売」では多数の出品とお買い上げをいただき、ありがとうございました。 現在、個人間取引機能の正式な実装に向け、鋭意開発を進めております。 春ごろにはご案内できる予定ですので、どうぞお楽しみに! from Team Sumally
    FRAMEDは、絵画やオブジェを部屋に飾るのと同様の感覚で、デジタルアートで空間を彩ることができる、新しいカテゴリーのインテリア・デバイスです。 グラフィック・映像・プログラム・アプリケーション・ウェブといった様々なメディアを駆使したデジタルアートは、今日までのPC やウェブの発展とともに、多様な拡がりと深まりを見せています。FRAMEDは、これらデジタルアート作品をごく日常的な空間の中で体験・鑑賞して頂くための「新しい額縁」としてデザインされました。 FRAMED is a new category of interior device which allows digital art to illuminate the space with the ease of hanging a painting or an art piece. The evolution of the technologies around the PC and the web has brought out an expansive range and depth in digital art, a field which infuses various media including graphic, video, program, application and web. FRAMED was designed as “a new form of art frame” to enjoy and experience such new forms of digital art within a normal, daily setting.