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    Time for a change in my bio. I am someone who is in love with Japan and Sweden. I love all things random and kawaii. My friends are precious to me so if you are one of them, you mean something to me. I may not reply to messages as much as the next person or respond to every tag but just know that I love you just for being you! It's not that I don't care it's just that life happens and sometimes it's so great that you forget about those you meet in your life. Even if you have never officially met them, meeting them on here is just as close. So please allow me to introduce myself, I am an artist who loves anime, I like making photo edits and spending time with my family and friends. My favorite pass time is late night derpiness with my besti's. I get the occasional creeper from time to time on my but their nonsense makes me laugh. You can catch me here or on other sights like Snapchat: pheonixflame246 Instagram: LadyKeya_34 Twitter: @pheonixflame246 (may have to edit this and check my Twitter lmao) Vine: Lady Keya DrawCast: AnimeGirl33 I love Jrock especially The GazettE, they mean the world to me. I have other favorite bands like Overworld Crestillion Nanda?! Kerbera Seremedy BatAAr Black Veil Brides Blood On The Dance Floor Many many more too many in fact that I can't possible list them all. If you want to know more about me.....just ask me a question on, I share my link to that all the time. Or don't be scared, I won't bite, message me on messenger. Word To The Wise: I try to understand where people are coming from more often than not but I can be a bit bitchy when it comes to creepers who are perverted or invasive. Just do what comes natural and start a conversation that is normal and you have no worries ^^ I'm not too keen on the whole creeper thing, it's so annoying. JUST BE YOURSELF! Unless yourself is some random anon who only wants to ask what kind of panties im wearing.........if that's the case, get ready to have your feelings hurt cause I pull no punches. I decided to change my profile bio because it sounded way too (DONT TOUCH ME OR TALK TO ME YOU FILTHY CREATURE O_o!!) So yea it was time for a change! Anyway that's enough of that, hope to get to know you better and if I already know you..... Welcome To My Twisted Realm Of Random! All souls are welcome!
    grumpy, cherish, zesty, and happy to be me
    基本無言フォローです。フォロリムご自由に。アイコンはきゃりこ新宿店のはやて君 成人済み/へんたい雑食系/時々物作る/ Fav:猫、猛禽類、鴨肉、バー、廃墟、スチームパンク