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    Words are like fingerprints. I know exactly who you are. You aimed this song at me many times, but it hasn't a particle to do with...what'd ya call her, Elsa she-wolf of the SS, right? Yeah, the third verse to bedbugs an ballyhoo goes 'cigarettes and crewcuts/crewcuts and cigarettes, right? Yarrrr, hope ya make it back here to see this. UN? Really? I still have an invitation to a b-day party for Zane signed by Gavin and Isabella! Don't care for it the way you dislike lips of sugar. I regret giving you the power to hurt me, but it was fair to tell you the first day at Vernon mall-- YOU kept what hurts you a secret for months! Months! Okay, see how unfair? Ya coulda done better-- you thought I would be repelled? In the miserable condition I was in? Lost all friends after they found out what I did in AZ, and worse, shunned by family. That Dec night, you were the only one who had really talked to me in eighteen months. Still no excuse, I know. ...but you invited back to the Honda to make out...and then your home, and all the other secret places. How did you know I took her to union tower? If you saw me during those times, how could you keep it to yourself, and for use at some later time, like you did? So when johnny rotten came across the pond and ya lied about the deal, and all but dared me to spy on you, which, of course, I did. No more sex with you, because I saw how dirty that bloke's arse looked. I know cancer is caused by parasitic worms, in fact, it was prostitutes who taught me that....but I'm sure you were seeing through the eyes of your past, or some other clicheo.