outgoing, social, disorganized, easily talked into doing silly things, spontaneous, wild and crazy, acts without thinking, good at getting people to have fun, pleasure seeking, irresponsible, physically affectionate, risk taker, thrill seeker, likely to have or want a tattoo, adventurous, unprepared, attention seeking, hyperactive, irrational, loves crowds, rule breaker, prone to losing things, seductive, easily distracted, open, revealing, comfortable in unfamiliar situations, attracted to strange things, non punctual, likes to try new things, fun seeker, unconventional, energetic, impulsive, empathetic, dangerous, loving, attachment prone, prone to fantasy
    im me fun loving happy good for a laugh,kind,considerate,understanding n very bad at lying lol,loving hubby and dad to my family,on here to make new friends and have fun, 6ft 2 shaved head (had a mohican from age 14 to 17 lol school diddent approve though but who cared lol)loads of tattoos some just had outline done n never coloured in due to being 14 and skint at the time,to show my love n devotion to my wife i tattooed her name along my bits in big letters (how many hubbys can have that much faith in their marrige lol)and piercings in both nipples by myself,prince albert (yes it killed for about a month after even walking and peeing caused pain),im quite fit well i can go to fridge without breaking sweat and run fast away from wife n kids when i annoy them too much,i can lift 2 times my body weight but then i have to put my wife down before i drop her lol oops id better start running now me thinks byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee