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    オーストラリア メルボルン出身、オランダと日本のハーフ。 オーストラリア マカダミアナッツ イメージガール 、MCモデル、スポーツ場内アナウンサー、アクセサリーデザイナー、双子タレント{アイリーン&エリカ}も。http://www.erikatwinstar.com Ihave a twin sis, Irene. I live in Tokyo, Japan Australian Macadamia Nuts Image Girl (Irene&Erika) http://www.iikotomitsuketa.jp/ Irene&Erika's Official Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/ireneanderika Irene&Erika's Website(made by ERIKA) http://www.erikatwinstar.com/
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    レビューサイトYelpで仙台のレビュー書いてます 2015エリートYelperになった takuia.yelp.co.jp
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    Writer,Editor and sometimes Performer of the Spoken Word. After graduating from Meiji University, I joined the publishing company specializing in water sports. After leaving in 1986, starting to work as a freelance magazine editor & writer. I worked on magazines, [BRUTUS] [Casa BRUTUS] [TARZAN][ POPEYE ][an an] [GQ Japan], and others. Auther of the book[On the Road, Again! ] (Published by suiseisya) . http://amzn.to/cjc8Iv Editor of the book [Tadao Ando`s TOSHI HOUKOU] (published by Magazine House) http://amzn.to/95rYUW. Also, one of the founding core member of Shibuya FM, which is the community FM station started in 1996. In 1999, the U.S. pioneer of sustainable design award "Design Resouce Award" Invited to Japan. The first exhibition in Japan was held at IDEE interior shop . Whole Earth Project Inc. (aka: WEP) CEO. Lives in Shimokitazawa.
    (ノ*゚▽゚)ノ「この蟹、オーシャンレッグみたいな味する!」  ウチの猫もオーシャンレッグが大好きです。