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    My name is Obviously Destiny Sue Smith, I am a proud geek. I love running and randomly dancing. It's kinda my thing. I have random outbursts of song, as if Im in a musical based on my life. I stay true to my heritage, Im a strong Italian/Irish/German but usually described as an Italian due to my physical appearance. I drink a lot of coffee and tea, wouldnt be able to get by with out it. I like horror, supernatural things, and fantasy. I like speaking in different accents, most the time without even realizing it. Im very superstitious. My life is over run by my gut feeling. but other than that..I like sweaters..preferrably with animals on them. wait, I like candy too. chocolate is pretty amazing..Oh yah, I like to bake and cook. Im kinda the wife type. But thats perfectly fine with me, My biggest dream is to be a wife and a mother. :) I want to get into law or the military after college..but if that doesnt work out I want to be a fitness trainer. :D Meeoow :3
    ジュエリーのデザインの仕事をしています。フォローなどお気軽に(^ ^) ビジネスアカウントもよろしくです(^^)
    Nice to meet you all. : ) I love listening to music and going to music festival. Especially I love rock music.♫ Recently I'm interested in DJ. ;p I'm engaged with mobile communication business and working at a contact center. Please connect with me, if you know or interested in me. : )
    かわいいもの おもしろいもの 美味しいものファッション お洒落 洋服 音楽
    トヲルです 美容師を軸に新しい美容のカタチ☆美容+[何か]を追究し変わり続けるエンターテイナー、美容師+DJ
    For WORKERS〟DESIGN COMPANY directer ◆web → ◆shop →!/ ◆instagram →
    子育てしながらアクセサリーつくってます。 AOM NEVE
    濱田マサル 山羊座 A型 愛犬 もち マルチーズとチンのハーフ。 気ままに、美容ツイートしたりしてます。 優しくしてねo(^▽^)o