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    There's a breach in your security I'm inside you finally my objective: distort your view, wreck the very core of you tantalize, compromise your position, contaminate and deface your convictions recreate your state of mind I will corrupt you. I'm funny. Completely and utterly insane.
    I LOVE PIE MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH ALSO IF U R MY FRIEND U WILL BE HAPPIER THEN U EVER WERE!!!!!!!!!! UNICORNS AND GLITTER!!!! PLZS BE MY FRIEND AND HAVE A NICE DAY also i am a good person to make u feell better when u have a bad day
    ชอบนอนขี้เซา #เวิ่น บ่น ลงทวิต #คิดว่าทวิตเตอร์คือหลุมหลบภัยจากสังคมที่อยู่