catch me boolin with my dogs just like michael vick
    I want to be an oncologist and I save up all my money for Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine.
    hello!! my name is Ai. nice to meet you!! バンドネオンが大好きで小松亮太さんの大ファンです! ジャズも最近聴き始めました。 色々誘ってくれると飛びつきますが、人見知りなので即行かない方向に考えが行きます。そんな感じです。 ★取得中★ 椎名林檎 Dreams come true ONE OK ROCK カラオケ行こうぜ!
    Ivy to Fraudulent Game
    I am a traveller I am an explorer I am a student of knowledge I love God and His messenger I can make a change. I am gonna make a change.
    Yesterday is history Tomorrow is mystery and Today is a gift. That is why we call it present