■ Women's Fashion Designer and Designer Clothing for the Feminine Edge ■ Online fashion boutique and atelier for the Feminine Edge, featuring bespoke fashion and high statement women's designer clothing and apparel. ■ Not high fashion BUT High Statement Fashion ■ Not edgy fashion BUT Style that is Femininely Edgy ■ Not a fashion brand BUT Bespoke Fashion Unveil a stronger individuality that is not only captivating, but more confident, mystifying, bold, seductive, and sexy. It is simply, feminine individuality on-the-edge. All women have this 'other' side. Allow ■ KATE DIONEDA ■ to unleash yourself and infuse you with a new, edgier take on your style and lifestyle. It is fashion and you… and your 'other' you. social https://www.facebook.com/KATEDIONEDAfashion https://twitter.com/KATEDIONEDA https://plus.google.com/+KATEDIONEDAFashion
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