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How to Add Items:
Q.How can I add items to “my Sumally”?
A.Please watch the video above.
Q.How can I add an item when I cannot find the item I want/have on Sumally?
A.Please use the bookmarklet. Drag the “+ Sumally” button to your bookmarks bar.Right click on the “+ Sumally” button and select “Add to Favorites...” to add it to your Favorites Bar. For more details, please see the video above or “How to Use”. + Sumally
Sumally FAQ:
Q.How can I remove an item from my “Wants/Haves” list?
A.Please press the “have it” (or “want it”) button again.
Q.How can I add an item?
A.Please use the bookmarklet. For more information, please click the link “Add an item”, at the top of the screen on the right. You can view our movie showing how to add items.
Q.How can I delete items that I added using the bookmarklet?
A.Select “Request deletion” from the ‘gear’ icon in the upper right corner of the item page. Fill the form explaining your reason for deletion. Please note, if other users also added your item to their “Wants/Haves” list, we may choose not to delete the item.
Q.How can I switch the main image of an item that I added?
A.Choose the ‘gear’ icon on the top right, select “Edit this page”, then choose the “Edit images” tab of the item editor. There you can change the main image.
Q.How can I add multiple images?
A. There are two ways to add additional images of an item.

When first adding an item via the bookmarklet, click the “Add images” tab and choose additional images to add.

For items which were previously added, click the ‘gear’ icon, select “Edit this page” which launches the image editor, and click the “Add images” tab. Type in the url of the page containing the images you want to add. After entering the url, you will see a list of images. Click the “Add image” button to add an image.
Q.How can I change my profile image?
A.Your Sumally profile image is linked to your social networking profile image. To change your Sumally profile image, please first change the profile image you are using on your Twitter/Facebook account. Next, go to the Sumally settings page ( and see “Update your icon”. Then, from the list (Twitter/Facebook) select the corresponding social networking service you have just updated.
Registration / Deactivation:
Q.What do I need when joining Sumally?
A. A. Sumally registration requires a Facebook or Twitter account. If you do not have one prior to using our site, please create an account on either Facebook or Twitter.
Q.How can I deactivate my Sumally account?
A.Go to your “Settings” page by clicking the ▼ icon, next to your username. Then select “Deactivate account”.
Item registration:
Q.Are there any items which I cannot add?
A. Basically, there are no items which cannot be added. Please be careful not to register the same items twice. Based on our concept of creating an encyclopedia of all things - the following will not be accepted: living things including animals, unpackaged food items including prepared foods and grouped items (for example: a photo of 2 or more of the same item in different color variations and/or sizes).
Q.How do I know when to add something as a new item?
A.Please register the following examples as separate items: items which look different and items which have differing product names and/or product numbers.
Q.Can I have more information about how to decide when to register something as another item?
A.Use the following as a guideline:
1.Different colors:
Please register as a separate item.
2.Different sizes:
Do not add the same products in different sizes (eg: S/M/L) as a separate item. If the item number is the same, then please do not re-register the item.
3.Slightly different items:
There is no difference in appearance, or difference in the product number, but functionality and/or price varies. This includes for example “2010 model, first edition”. Please register these products as separate items. (Example: Notebook PC with similar body casing and different CPU/OS register as a separate item.)
4.Reproduced editions and replicas:
At first glance, there is no difference in appearance, however, there is a large price difference. Please register these products as a separate item.
Q.Why was my item deleted?
A.Please note that items which do not comply with our policy, including duplicate items, may be removed or corrected, based on our discretion.