ex.name/the quiet before MS Entertainment/MS Record 勤務
    I am married to my BEST FRIEND. He is the love of my life, my competitor, my companion. He rights me when I'm wrong but praises me when I'm right. He reminds me who I am & what I stand for. He challenges me and pushes me to be the best I can be in everything I do. He refuses to allow me to settle for second best. He is wonderful in every way, he helps me remember the things in life I tend to forget. He is my partner is every sense of the word. I will spend the rest of my days watching the sunset over the lake from our front porch holding hands. I am opinionated, hard headed, short tempered and sometimes unforgiving. On the flip side I'm hard to handle but fun to be around. I may be opinionated but I am tactful. I am short tempered but my explosions last only seconds. I am working on the unforgiving part. I love boating, shooting & riding out in the dez. I love listening to music and dancing around the house. I love spending time with my family and I love a Sunday drive with no particular destination in mind.
    Avant de juger, Apprend à me connaitre. <3 Bevor urteilen, Lernt, mich kennen. <3 Before judging, Learns to know me. <3
    3年ぶりに再開しました。 こども食堂、移民、ボランティア、シングルスピード、ピスト、Perfume、プラズマ、ビール、フルーツ、等々