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    C/C++/Java/Ruby/PHP engineer.
    企画制作部 所属
    Hello! I’m Tom, Toshimichi Nozoe from Japan. To those who don't know who this is, visit my web of my projects so far. I have been working to introduce J-pop culture. Up to this point, I have made a self-published guidebook of Akihabara, the Japan's major hobby town. And also iPhone app, Akiba Map. The first Akihabara Guidebook was introduced in a magazine in France. My guidebook was on the spreads and even earlier pages than Japan's AKB48. Eventually my guidebook was read in 31 countries. The iPhone app made the 8th of top sales when it released. At this very moment, I'm looking for something interesting to introduce world-wide. If you're interested in J-pop, be my friend. You'll be welcomed. Any comments, feedback, are appreciated.
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