インテリア、ファッション、家電、食べ物、デザインがあるもの全てが好き。 味、音、映像、情報、形の無いモノも好き。 自分の五感を満たす事に全力です。
    Love Beautiful Products.
    鹿児島のセレクトショップ「Re'verth(リバース)」の公式オンラインストアです。 BRAND:VAINL ARCHIVE,MAGIC STICK,BlackEyePatch,ETHOS etc.| TEL:09-9295-6530 |MAIL:shop@reverth222.com| Webshop:http://reverth222.com
    I keep telling myself I am going to find something clever to put here that will be short, sweet, and simultaneously describe the aspects of my unique awesomeness... or at least I keep hoping it will come off as awesomeness. ;) But years later, after opening a Facebook account, it is clearly not happening. You will have to plumb your understanding from actually interacting with me. Don't worry-- I don't bite (much), and I think anyone with a passing understanding of me will understand the reality that I simply couldn't fit "about me" into this small white box.