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    ポーカーニート。 オマハ大好き。ライブもぼちぼち。
    k-pop大好きです! T-ara Kara IU Leehyori 好きです。KARASIA2012saitama/2013tokyodomeヽ(*´▽)ノ♪KAMILIAJAPAN /Especially my favorite person is Ms.Nicole jung of KARA. (鄭龍珠)♡
    Hi,I'm Koichiro Kondo . I was graduate school student of The University of Tokyo. I work at DENTSU INC. advertising company in Japan. My section is digital advertising and department is data management. I interested in BI,data mining,data warehouse,and so.
    ″KEEP THE FLAME IN YOUR HEART″頑張れサンフレッチェ広島FCユース。おじさんはラーメンとスニーカーが好きです。
    Inspired by the outdoors, built for life in the city, and designed to address the challenge of global travel.