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    ふしぎかわいい装飾品や、自費出版本、アート活動を行う作家さん達のグッズを揃えてます。 1点ものや、少量生産中心のアイテムを取り扱っています。 ブログ
    Hello, I live in Tokyo, Japan. I'm very interested in the fancy items all around the world like shoes, clothes, bangs, arts, and etc.. I'm very happy to exchange information regarding them☆
    (さらに)取るに足りないことはこちらでつぶやき散らしてます(*'ー'*) →!/Liki1221
    単なる音楽好き。 札幌育ち。 最近、浅草近くに住み始めました。 飼ってる猫は18才ω
    お酒が大好きトリマーです。 こっそり物作り、こっそりお絵描きしてます。
    For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
    Been w/ Hubby since 97. Married 1-23-98. 2 Awesome Children: 1 Son ( born 1-2001) & 1 Daughter ( born 4-2004) Son named after Elvis ( My Fav. & My parents saw live b 4 he died) & Morgan is named after my Parents last name to honor My Family whom I love; The Elizabeth is after Brad's beloved grandmother who is w/ the lord now :) We Love Our Pets , Here's Our Pet Family : cats/ Kittens (3). 2 Siamese Sierra ( almost 16) Myley 4 yrs , & Brad's new baby Spynx Gwen ( 4 months) & Gia our SugarGlider who's 2. Morgan has a Beta Girl named Kate & Pres has a Beta boy named 'bob' .