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John Coltrane First Giant Steps (1946) Sessions in Hawaii ハワイ

Product Description:

RLR (Rare Live Recordings) recently unearthed these extremely rare John Coltrane recordings on a disc titled First Giant Steps that include eight previously unheard cuts that were recorded in Hawai’i during his short stint in the Navy between 1945 – 1946. In fact, these are possibly the earliest documented recordings of the legendary alto-sax maestro around, and after doing some math, he was barely in his 20s when these were recorded. After discovering that Coltrane was a musician, he was placed in the Navy band (The Meldoy Masters) where he initially played the clarinet, while also practicing on the alto sax which he eventually came to master. All eight of these Hawai’i-recorded cuts feature Coltrane’s alto-sax solos.

Category: Music / Records / Artist: John Coltrane / Released: 1946
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