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Fashionary Fashionary notebook

Product Description:

£19.80 Fashionary was created by a good friend of ours in 2009 in Hong Kong. It aims to bring speed to professional fashion designer, fellow fashionista, fashion students and buyers. This is genius product, in a similar-to-Moleskin format, comes with tons of useful information including a designers directory, brand information, measurement template, textile info and sundries information. Also features quick-sketch dotted templates for easy sketching.

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3939shop The name "FASHIONARY" comes from "Fashion + Dictionary + Diary". The sketchbook is combined with intensive fashion information and blended figure templates. It is the perfect tool for brainstorming, fast sketching and quick referencing. What if you want to design or modify your own clothes? If you’re anything like us, you have plenty ideas but don’t know where to start. This Fashionary Sketchbook is that starting point. Patterns, templates, fabrics and helpful tips line the pages of the combination dictionary/diary/sketchbook that is sure to become every designer’s and fashion lovers' best friend. This is available in both mens and womens A4 and A5 size version. Measurement - A4, 500 gram and A5, 360 gram
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