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galerie kreo apache, champions/ konstantin grcic

Category: Interiors / Brand: galerie kreo
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Added by t on 1321455353 via Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design

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t "My favorite is of course the Apache Table by Konstantin Grcic. It is such a clearly constructed and very readable piece. In terms of reading, you may think and feel many different things at the same time : it is solid and liquid, it is chronos and kairos, it is about mobility and immobility, about racing and yet having to make a pit stop, it is a mask and a totemic or ceremonial table, I could even imagine a potlach or an eucharistie, and yet it could be also a homage to another great iventor iventor of 'good' tables like the late, flemish designer Maarten van Severen. Yes Apache Table makes you feel at home while imagining a travelogue."
Chris Dercon
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t championsから1つ選ぶならこのapache。
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