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Viri Fide
    エシカルなライフスタイルを提案するデザインTシャツストア。 毎月11日に新商品をリリースし、売上の11%はその月のテーマとなる社会問題への取り組みに使用します。 生産者に公平で、環境負荷が少ない素材だけを使用した、高品質な商品をお届けします。 ■Online Store ■Facebook ■Twitter Viri Fide(ヴィリフィデ) 〒182-0022 東京都調布市国領町1-25-7 CONTE104 Tel: 042-426-7260 Mail:
    I'm in love with my life! Let's make a difference with ART:)♡
    My name is Tomoyo Saga. I’m from Japan. I went to art high school and I studied art. I studied oil painting, Japanese painting, visual design, history of art and sculpture. I majored in visual design. I went to pottery school in Arita after I graduated from high school. I learned potter’s wheel, painting and all techniques. After I graduated from school in Arita I walking and established my own brand of apron. I studied it by my self and I make clothes bags. I want to study fashion design. I wanted to walk fashion design that is my dream.