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    磨き屋シンジケートのアジトの住人です。おもにビールやお酒が美味しくなるステンレスカップを作ったり売ったりしています。 I am a resident in the hideout of Migakiya syndicate. I make and am selling the special stainless cups where the beer becomes delicious. I've sold 100K of the cups ever. 主なテレビ出演 テレビ東京:ワールドビジネスサテライト テレビ朝日:報道ステーション・テレメンタリー NHK:難問解決ご近所の底力 フジテレビ:ザ・ベストハウス123 ほか多数 磨き屋シンジケートのページもよろしくお願いします!
    東京在住。たまに、北海道。ウォーキング・ハイキング・水泳・ジムエクササイズ・園芸・料理・映画鑑賞・写真 等に興味あり。
    オールドスニーカー好き オールド時計好き
    A founding board member of TAMGRAM >> Filmmaking process is one of shooting simple film footage that captures the sense of time and place of life throughout the world. Specializing in a “lone backpacker” style of filming that requires no film crew. As a result of such light and nimble working style, has shot film footage in over 60 countries. Specializing in a unique process of creating rhythm and stories edited from raw footage. Creating a broad range of work unbound by media in film, photography and installation work. 1974 Born (Tokyo) 2003 Wandered Asia with 8mm camera in one hand 2004 Presented film “Too Far West Is East” made with footage from Asia trip film was selected for inclusion in “resfest FILMfestival 2005” (part of global traveling show) 2006 Took round-the-world trip with goal of shooting footage for film work 2008 Returned in November after 2 years shooting in 50 countries 2008 Participated in 17th Earth Vision Environmental Film Festival (Tokyo) 20
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