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    調布市|中津川市|恵那市 拠点に活動している建築家です。 住宅・集合住宅・店舗を中心に設計しています。 FB HP
    Hi!!! I'm Hiro I want to make a lot of friends in all over the world. I'm working as a salesman. It's so hard but I'll continue to work hardly I'm Interested in listening to music,watching movie,shopping and something I usually listen to Ikimonogakari,Mr.children,BSB,Ne-Yo etc....please contact me!! and lets talk about your favorite musics and movies I love to communicate with everyone who not relate nationality. Skype ID: samuraisoulhiro lang-8: Twitter ID: samuraisoulhiro Let's talking!!
    雑貨、お茶アイテム好き。Sumally 初めて知ったので、まだ 使い方をよく把握していません。
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