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    Urban hardcore brand that's known among the underground people. Started out by making an original pista bike specifically for the streets with an NJS maker. It's the first brand to do it in the world and now skaters,artists,DJ's,dancers ,models ,ballerinas,kabuki,boxers, street basketball,mma fighters are involved. BANOT is an expression of the urban lifestyle.
    #fav { genre: Electro Techno EDM; artist: Perfume(P.T.A.) CAPSULE KPP & more } #biz { role: Scrum_Master Engineer(Smartphone/Enterprise) }
    ふしぎかわいい装飾品や、自費出版本、アート活動を行う作家さん達のグッズを揃えてます。 1点ものや、少量生産中心のアイテムを取り扱っています。 ブログ
    pearls are my best friends. gather your roses while you may.
    音楽/映画/アニメ/ゲーム/本/漫画/ガンプラ/小物/食べ物/旅行/海/山/空/星/宇宙/あらゆる美しいもの/etc... よろしく~♪