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    We are a small family workshop, I was mainly responsible for the clothing design and tailoring, etsy shop management, my sister is still ironing clothes sewing and clothing quality testing, my father,Husband is responsible for purchasing clothes, fabrics and clothes to send the work package . "I love the fabric, put a block together. A long time staring them, and they talk, listen Their voices, close your eyes and imagine their future looks like, just like San Mao painting stone. "This is a magical journey, as in the splendid dream, I embarked on this piece is full of sunshine and Passion of the land --- Van Gogh's Arles, the end of his most brilliant. " A designer, how can you not love her fabric it?...
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    Freelance Fashion Consultant
    faff ▽▽▽▽▽▽▽▽▽▽▽▽ 新作入荷しております♡
    旬なネタ(twitter,ニュース,CM,広告など)を一般視聴者目線で話題にしています.TL見ながら勝手にツッコミ入れたりするのでTweetに脈絡が無い時があります.ご了承くださいませ.気になることはふぁぼったりRTしたり. 犬2匹と黒猫.珈琲党,柑橘派,強炭酸主義.文房具に興奮(機能性,書き心地,触り心地重視). 気軽にカスタマイズできるクリエイティブ雑貨SHOP、ミセレニア公式アカウントです。中の人はSYRUSのshiroいほう。 SYRUS (sumallyアカウント。中の人はkuroいほう)
    cocomonomamani(ココモノママニ)という服飾雑貨ブランドをやっています。 可愛い靴下にタイツ!!そしてシュシュにカーディガン!!! 同じ柄で色んなアイテム作っちゃいます! 年中タイツを履いています。