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    可愛いもの大好き♡ 気ままに更新していきます。 セレクトショップもしてます✩ 遊びに来て下さい(ර⍵ර)✧
    girl. 24. intj. southern girl living on the west coast born in the wrong time. chemistry student. france. england. ralph fiennes. lupita nyong'o is a goddess and dare wright is my spirit animal.
    アマゾン ほしいものリスト
    SIXTEEN GIRL I ♡ something to kawaii!!
    あなたのその美しい流れに 私も乗せてほしい
    Lover of the past; hoarder of books and wildflowers; incurable cinephile; Zelda Fitzgerald doppelganger. I'm an old soul at heart - there's not much else to say that won't be terribly dull.