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    基本的には壱肉体労働者 アルバイトで などのWeb作成のお手伝いしてます。
    Specializing in the production of mountaineering buckle on the Chinese mainland Carabiner
    おぎゃー  ↓ 今に至る 趣味でFaceBookプロフィールフォトグラファーはじめます (人のネタパクリました) 趣味なのでタダです♪ 見ず知らずの方もお気軽にどーぞw
    函館市立弥生小学校 函館市立西中学校 Hanky-panky fumumi 「塗料と塗装」 Vespa Club Hokkaido 太陽の子おやじ会 バモ
    I'm a web designer and professional translator in Tokyo Japan,who helpes a lot of people translating English characters into accurate Japanese symbols over the past years. I don't just translate English into accurate Japanese,but also create beautiful images of Japanese Symbols,introducing the beauty of the shape, stroke order and history in each character for your needs such as tattoo and web design. My heart and passion is here in this service and I really look forward to the challenge of making Tokyo Moji Garden one of the most helpful and creative Japanese symbols translation in the world.
    IT技術会社経営・アマチュアトランペッター Computer Engineer/Amateur Trumpeter Trumpet: Bach 180ML*6, C180L Monette B933, Ajna II Yamaha YTR-8335UGS, YTR-8345, YTR-931M Stomvi Master Bb*2, Combi Bb, Combi C, Piccolo A/Bb Ganter C (Rotary) Alexander Bb (Rotary) Mouthpiece: Stomvi 3 Bach 1 1/2 YAMAHA 16C Prana STC3 B2S3-88-8 Prana STC1 B2S3-82-17 Prana XLT B2LDS1-84-23 Classic C2S3